Nature Deficit Disorder?

Nov 12, 2018 | General

Doctors in Scotland can now prescribe nature to their patients

There is a whole leaflet of nature prescription suggestions that accompanies the program, filled with amusing, charming, sometimes seemingly off-kilter suggestions:

February, you can make a windsock from a hoop and material to “appreciate the speed of the wind”;

March, you can make beach art from natural materials or “borrow a dog and take it for a walk”;

April, you can “touch the sea” and “make a bug hotel”;

May, you can “bury your face in the grass”;

July, you can “pick two different kinds of grass and really look at them”;

August, you can summon a worm out of the ground without digging or using water;

September, you can help clean the beach and prepare a meal outdoors;

October, you can “appreciate a cloud”;

“feed the birds in your garden” in December, and do so much more. All on doctor’s orders.  Read more here

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