Yoga of Recovery: Integrating Yoga and Ayurveda With Modern Recovery Tools for Addiction

By offering an empowering personal program of self-care in recovery, this book provides guidance for everyone affected by widespread modern ‘addictiveness’.

The book explores Ayurveda’s understanding of both the problem of our ‘one addiction process’ and its solution. It offers holistic techniques that enhance any of the traditional recovery pathways and beyond any of the common diet/exercise dogma from mainstream media. It covers the stress/addictive tendencies of the doshic types, and links this to how stress affects metabolism, the main determinant of health. The program offered in the book is an integration of the philosophy, psychology and physical practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to help people shift their life trajectory.

With Yoga of Recovery, author Durga Leela presents a complete resource for working with individuals recovering from addiction.

Book Review:

I was fortunate to meet Durga Leela many years ago at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. She was teaching about the Yoga of Recovery from addiction based on her own life experiences and learning. I immediately connected with her down to earth humor, her open, relaxed and accessible way of relating. Now you can meet her too, through her excellent book Yoga of Recovery.

Yoga of Recovery weaves 12-Step, Ayurveda, and Yoga approaches in easily relatable methods for people in recovery. (And who of us isn’t?) Durga Leela’s depth of experience shines in every page. As she says, people may become vulnerable under stress. Different people need inpidualized activities and changes to help them come back into balance. At the same time, we’re all working on the same healing.

With section titles like “Food choices often fund the stress reaction”, “When the doshas drive the bus” and “the Attraction and the Payback” (about specific addictions), Durga Leela invites us deeper into awareness and the healing of Yoga of Recovery.

As a dedicated reader/researcher, I highly recommended for everyone.

Amadea Morningstar

The Author of many books herself, find her selection of work on Ayurveda here here.