Can Food Get Clean?

Apr 27, 2019 | General

This is article is a good read.  

I’d like to read more from the writer, Nadia Berensteien who is currently working on a book, recounting the history of flavor science and the flavor industry in the United States beginning in the mid-nineteenth century.  You can read more about her research on her blog, “Flavor Added” 

and I’m definitely going to visit the Museum of Food and Drink when I am next in New York (I’ll be there in October 2019 for YoR at the Yoga Ranch)

we agree about who we don’t believe: big food brands. At the turn of the 20th century, pioneering companies like Heinz and Nabisco invented the idea of branding as a strategy for building trust in the safety and wholesomeness of new factory-made foods, but today most people no longer believe that food companies have their best interests at heart.

Last year, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the non-profit nutrition and food safety advocacy group, published “Clean Labels: Public Relations or Public Health?” an analysis of clean label programs at several major food retailers and restaurant chains. Although the report praised the companies’ leadership in eliminating some worrisome additives, it also notes that they forbid additives that CSPI considers safe. More importantly, none of the programs address what CSPI considers to be the biggest threats to public health in the food supply: added sugar and high sodium levels

Next time you shop consider buying foods that are less highly refined – for your own safety!!

A 9-year-old’s illustration of what the words “xanthan gum” brought to mind. The alien creature he came back with is the stuff of nightmares