Sep 22 2021 - Nov 17 2021


$900 or Payment Plan



Longing and Relationship – Healing the Habits that Bind

Seeking Union and Seeking Connection – honoring our ancestors – building resilience, ancestor ritual, ACE, Addiction as Attachment Disorder, what are we devoted to? How do we practice our devotion? Returning to traditional rituals or creating new ones

  • 9-week Sessions Include:

    • Prerecorded ‘lecture/teaching’ videos with topics coming up for review and discussion in our
    • Live zoom sessions – Wednesdays 4-6 pm PST. You will be able to access the recordings of these if you are unable to attend live
    • Live Book Discussion (not 12-step) – Thursdays 2 pm PST. Optional
    • Live “On the Mat’ – Saturdays 7-8.20am PST
    • Live 12 step recovery – Sundays 8 am PST all fellowships together, open meeting (no teaching just sharing). Optional
    • and more

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